spenserharrisSpenser Harris – Guitar

Spenser Harris a Lynchburg Native, is a professional guitar player, who has been playing since the age of 12. He has over 12 years of performance, guitar structure, and recording experience. Spenser Harris has shared the stage with many greats such as, Kool and the Gang, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Tye Tribett, Salt & Pepa, and many more. Spenser Harris is an acquired guitarist who really enjoys sharing and teaching others his craft. He has a special calling to teach others and has a heartfelt desire to teach young people guitar. Spenser Harris is a patient instructor who wants to see his students’ blossom into the future musicians of this century!

Music Philosophy

Music is an intricate part of a life. Music is all around us and has stories to tell us if we take our time and carefully learn it. Learning how to play the guitar is no quick process. Learning how to play the guitar is like planting a garden. It takes time and effort for it to grow. THE MORE YOU PUT INTO IT THE MORE YOU GET OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Building healthy musical characters to inspire the music of tomorrow!!!