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Jim Robertson

Jim Robertson started playing guitar at age 16. After learning guitar, he decided to learn to play the 5-string Banjo, Harmonica, Fiddle, and Mandolin.  

Jim has experience playing in country, bluegrass, old time, jug, jazz, and rock bands. In 2010, he started studying Northern Indian classical music and was honored to be the first person of European ancestry to earn the Dr. Laxmikant Doshi Award for excellence as a student. 

 Teaching since 1975, Jim has taught privately, festival workshops, and has presented lectures/demonstrations at UNC Greensboro and Longwood University on Hindustani music.

Jim currently preforms 18th and 19th century American music at Point of Honor, Poplar Forest, and the Old City Cemetery during their October Candlelight Tours. He is in several musical groups, playing a wide variety of genres ranging from Scottish/Irish traditional, Western Swing, Psychobilly Electro Punk, Bluegrass, and Progressive Jazz. He host two weekly Irish sessions in Amherst and at the Dish in Lynchburg. He has also played with several theater troops including Endstation, Wolfbane Productions, and Alluvion Stage Company.       

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